The performance of any kind of website depends not only on the script which it makes use of, but also on the web hosting server where it is accommodated. In case the hardware is powerful and dependable, the apps which run on it will perform well. More RAM, for example, suggests that more processes can work in the same time, while a faster processor means that these processes will be executed much faster. This matters because a web hosting service consists of email messages, databases, logs, and so on, so each of the aforementioned processes requires some system resources so that it can work correctly. If the server doesn't have the right amount of power, the Internet sites hosted on it won't perform well or may even time out in case the machine cannot manage all of the requests to it. Hosting your Internet sites on servers with adequate hardware will give you the performance that you want for them.

24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Hosting

In case you buy a cloud hosting account from our company, you will be able to take advantage of an extremely powerful setup that will provide top-notch performance of any web application that you decide to host on our end. We've employed an advanced cloud platform where each and every element of the hosting service is maintained by a separate cluster of servers. Every single machine that is part of any of the clusters comes with 64 GB RAM that will let you run numerous apps, while the speed of your websites will be guaranteed by powerful 24-core processors and solid-state drives. Any cluster can be expanded by connecting extra machines for even more power, so there's no upper limit for the resources which our clients can use at a time. Unlike many competitors, we do not run everything on just a single machine and we simply do not save on the hardware at the expense of effectiveness.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we offer are created on an outstanding cloud hosting platform where every service, such as the file storage, the email messages and the usage statistics, is managed by an independent cluster. The machines that are part of each cluster have 24-core processing units as well as 64 gigabytes of RAM, that guarantees that your sites will perform as well as possible and that their progress will never be restricted by the hardware they run on. Different to many other service providers, we do not make any kind of compromise with the hardware and the powerful hosting servers that we use are behind the unlimited features that we offer for the semi-dedicated solutions. Whenever we want additional resources, we just add additional servers with the same brand new and powerful hardware, so if you decide to purchase one of our plans, you will get the best from your web applications.

24-core servers, hardware in VPS Web Hosting

The physical servers on which we make virtual private server accounts are very powerful and will give you the necessary speed and stability for your Internet sites while keeping the option to upgrade to a more powerful plan without worrying that there might not be sufficient resources available for that. All machines have powerful processors with an overall of 24 CPU cores and 64 GB physical memory, so they could manage multiple very heavy applications without any problems. The SSD drives that we use on all servers will boost the loading speeds and will boost the performance of your applications even more. When we make new VPS accounts, we ensure that there'll be adequate free resources for each customer on the server to upgrade their plan and since this leads to unused power, you can use system resources that exceed your plan specifications in case there's a temporary load spike on your VPS. This way, your Internet sites will remain operational at all times.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The dedicated servers which we offer will provide you with the all the power that you need for your sites since we offer machines with as much as 16 GB RAM and as many as 12 CPU cores. This enormous power will be at your disposal all the time and will not be shared with anybody else. In case you don't need such an amount of system resources, we have less powerful servers as well, and the high quality of the machine is identical. All the parts that we make use of are tested to ensure that there won't be hardware breakdowns, but even if something happens, the technical support crew in our US datacenter is available 24/7 to swap any component within a matter of minutes. All dedicated servers are equipped with multiple hard disk drives and gigabit network cards, so in case you acquire a machine from our company, you will be able to host resource-demanding sites without ever worrying about their performance.