A secure and safe web app firewall program

We offer an instant way of defending each web app in your account, no matter whether it is freshly installed or has been transferred from some other web hosting company. All our cloud hosting packages come with ModSecurity – a web app firewall program, which is activated automatically. We’ve configured it to automatically prevent the majority of hack assaults. This means that once you host your web site with us, it will be safer than ever before.

VPN Access

Safe, anonymous browsing

If you would like to remain absolutely anonymous whilst surfing the Internet, we offer you a simple and effective solution. With all our cloud hosting plans, you’ll be able to have VPN access. We’ll forward all your incoming and outgoing traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your online footprint untrackable. And you’ll get VPN access regardless of what web–connected gadget you are using.

Solid–State Drives

Your website will be faster with solid–state drives

All new PCs and notebooks offer solid–state disks and for a reason. SSDs boast faster read and write speeds, making everything much faster. Precisely the same will be valid for your website if you host it with Orange Hosting – all the cloud hosting servers boast solid–state drives and various web sites hosted with us load considerably faster than those hosted on conventional hard disk drives.

And the best part is that you don’t have to adjust, fine–tune or modify anything in any way so as to make it load faster.

Website Builder

Build your business or personal sites with a single click of the mouse

Going online is incredibly easy with the Site Generation Application included in your Web Hosting Control Panel. Just select a template from our selection of over one hundred business and personal design templates then add your web site content (photos, textual content, etc.) with just a mouse click. To publish your site online, simply click the Publish button. It’s that simple. You may use the builder for all the domain names within your web hosting account.


Develop and control your websites in the cloud at the most inexpensive end price

Host your resource–absorbing websites in the cloud at an excellent price. Our custom cloud hosting platform provides you with plenty of web hosting resources and spreads the server load across a number of servers, and you will never face slow website loading speeds or outages. With unmetered hard drive storage space and traffic allowances, you won’t need to worry about your websites. Each hosting plan offers a point ’n’ click Web Hosting Control Panel so that you can effortlessly fully utilize the available resources, and an unconditional thirty–day money–back guarantee so that you can get your money back if you’re not pleased for any reason whatsoever.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Manage your sites with a mouse click

It is now easy to acquire complete control of your web sites with the avant–garde Web Hosting Control Panel that we have built for you with ease of use in mind. Handle your files with simple drag & drop movements, register, transfer and control numerous domain names from a single location, create email mailbox accounts right away, run mailing list campaigns without difficulty, create and access your databases with a click of the mouse, monitor site stats in real time, etc.. Innovative tools like a framework installer, a hotlink protection tool and an .htaccess generator are available as well.

Domain Manager

Control numerous domain names from one single location

From the all–encompassing Domains Manager built into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can manage multiple domain names simultaneously. You will be able to lock/unlock, forward & park your domains, modify your WHOIS information, add custom DNS records, etcetera. Plus, you’ll be able to Whois Privacy Protect your domain to protect your personal details or obtain an SSL certificate to shield the hypersensitive info on your web store.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Claim a full refund in case you’re not content

Our cloud hosting plans are backed up by a 30–day money–back guarantee. Thus, if, for some reason, you are not completely pleased with the quality of the offered cloud web hosting services, you can touch base with our sales representatives to request a full refund. You can write us an e–mail, send a support ticket, telephone us or use the live chat service.

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