Email Manager

Manage your mailbox accounts with a simple click

Using the point–and–click E Mail Account Manager included in the Web Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to take absolute control over your mail accounts. Set up new e–mail box accounts with a single click and manage all their settings from just a single place. You are able to redirect e–mails to another mail account, activate custom email filters, activate junk e–mail & SPF protection, set up custom auto–responder messages and even more. You may also run electronic mailing list campaigns./

File Manager

Control your files with one click

Inside your Web Hosting Control Panel there’s an integrated drag & drop File Manager, which will provide you with full authority over your files and folders. Drag an image or a text file from your personal computer and upload it onto our hosting server right away. You can create, move, copy, rename, delete and pack/unpack files and folders. You will be able to edit a file via an easy–to–use code editor or via a WYSIWYG editor and examine the modifications online in real time.

A Database Manager

An easy method to manage databases

With many hosting providers, database management is unjustifiably difficult. In order to create a usable database, you must proceed through three different steps. But if you choose our Databases Manager, you will need to go through only a single step – the name of the database and its corresponding password. And that’s it.

We’ve also included a one–click database backup tool. You will not have to log into the phpMyAdmin tool to create a database backup.

Web Accelerators

Make your web site amazingly fast

With Orange Hosting, you do not need to erase source code or to curtail your site’s content to make it load faster. Because of the Web Site Acceleration Tools (Varnish, Node.js and Memcached) available in the Web Hosting Control Panel coming with every hosting plan, you will be able to make your site open faster than ever before – you can make it 10–500 times more quick!

Web Stats

Monitor your sites 24x7x365 from your web hosting Control Panel

The Web Hosting Control Panel offers a collection of in–depth web statistic tools that will present you with thorough information about your web sites. You’ll be able to examine your web site’s traffic in greater detail and get to know everything concerning your site visitors – exactly where they come from and what device and browser they are utilizing. You will be able to pick from among 3 tools – the famous AWStats and Webalizer tools and a new full–featured web analytics software tool that we have created with your tips and recommendations in mind.

Solid–State Drives

Your website will be faster with solid–state drives

All new PCs and notebooks offer solid–state disks and for a reason. SSDs boast faster read and write speeds, making everything much faster. Precisely the same will be valid for your website if you host it with Orange Hosting – all the cloud hosting servers boast solid–state drives and various web sites hosted with us load considerably faster than those hosted on conventional hard disk drives.

And the best part is that you don’t have to adjust, fine–tune or modify anything in any way so as to make it load faster.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Manage your sites with a mouse click

It is now easy to acquire complete control of your web sites with the avant–garde Web Hosting Control Panel that we have built for you with ease of use in mind. Handle your files with simple drag & drop movements, register, transfer and control numerous domain names from a single location, create email mailbox accounts right away, run mailing list campaigns without difficulty, create and access your databases with a click of the mouse, monitor site stats in real time, etc.. Innovative tools like a framework installer, a hotlink protection tool and an .htaccess generator are available as well.


Develop and control your websites in the cloud at the most inexpensive end price

Host your resource–absorbing websites in the cloud at an excellent price. Our custom cloud hosting platform provides you with plenty of web hosting resources and spreads the server load across a number of servers, and you will never face slow website loading speeds or outages. With unmetered hard drive storage space and traffic allowances, you won’t need to worry about your websites. Each hosting plan offers a point ’n’ click Web Hosting Control Panel so that you can effortlessly fully utilize the available resources, and an unconditional thirty–day money–back guarantee so that you can get your money back if you’re not pleased for any reason whatsoever.

Web App Installer

40+ web applications to select from

Installing a web application is generally a lengthy and boring procedure. It may be so, unless you have an Best Web Apps tool with more than forty plus available web apps, which you can install with a simple mouse click. We’ve made the actual setup as easy as possible, which suggests that you will no longer need to loose time asking yourself how to set up your web application. We will keep your login credentials inside the Web Hosting Control Panel just in case you forget your credentials.

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